Sn0wbreeze Version 2.9.14 Free

A software program for hacking into iPhones, iPods, and iPads, and for allowing greater freedom while using said devices

Snowbreeze is a popular iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch hacking software program. Snowbreeze (which should actually be written Sn0wbreeze, as in with a zero instead of the letter 'O') is not an illegal software program, but use of it may negate Apple's warranty regarding your device.
Snowbreeze's main use is hacking into iPhones, which makes copying songs much more convenient and not restricted to iTunes solely. You'll also be able to install App Store banned applications and the like.
It's used for what's called a jailbreak, or an unlock, and is considered very popular amongst Cydia users which enables alternative downloading of hacked applications for iPhones.
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